Divorce Mediation services

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With a litigated divorce you each hire your own attorney and the two attorneys negotiate your agreement on your behalf.  The attorneys go before a judge and theoretically the judge will make the decisions about what will happen to your family.  Litigation is a contest to see who will win and who will lose and an agreement can be forced upon you.  Litigation is expensive and time consuming and often increases the level of conflict, making it more difficult for your children and for you.   

With a mediated divorce you negotiate your own agreement with the assistance of the mediator who is an experienced and neutral third party and both of you work together to make your own decisions rather than having a judge decide the issues for you.  Mediation is not a contest.  Instead of winning or losing, you work together with the assistance of the mediator, on an agreement that is acceptable to both of you. 

The mediator manages the process, facilitates communication, and helps the couple solve problems that are associated with the decisions that need to be made during the process.  You work together to make your own decisions about what will happen to your family.  Although you each may have conflicting needs and would be adversaries if the issues were presented to a court, mediation is not a contest.  Instead of being adversaries, you become the problem solvers and the goal is to reach a fair and equitable solution for both of you. 

Mediation is a voluntary process and no agreement or resolution will be forced upon you.