Divorce Mediation services

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Divorce Mediation Is:


  • less expensive
  • Takes Less Time
  • confidential
  • easier on you
  • Easier on your children
  • Builds on the positive so you can move forward with your life.

welcome to divorce mediation services

Our goal is to help you manage the process of divorce that will be easier on you and your children.  Our mediators are impartial and provide a confidential setting that is less confrontational than a court room. 

We've all seen families who have spent precious time and money in courtrooms fighting, leaving broken and distraught.  There's a better way!  Divorce doesn't have to be a battle.  At Divorce Mediation Services we will work with you to build a plan so you can move forward with your lives.


You probably have many questions about what will happen.  Who has the children this week?  What about support?  Who pays for college?  Who gets the dog?  What if we own a business?  Who stays in the house and who moves out or do we have to sell the house? 

This may be your first divorce, but it's not ours.  Our experienced professionals will lead you through a process that ensures that kids come first, costs remain affordable, and everyone stays out of court.  At the end of our process you'll leave with an agreed upon plan, clearing up confusion and uncertainty that often comes with a traditional divorce.   


A Plan for the future